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Improved QA checklist for Webflow

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At Koalati, we want web developers, designers and agencies to continually surpass themselves by creating the highest quality websites possible.

Today, we're glad to announce that we have launched a new feature to help Webflow creators do just that: the Improved Checklist for Webflow sites.

Preview of the new Webflow section in Koalati's checklist, with tasks such as: "Images have been compressed with Webflow's built-in WebP conversion tool.", "Minification of CSS, HTML and Javascript is enabled", " subdomain indexing is disabled.", "Unused interactions and animations are cleaned up.", "Unused classes are cleaned up", and more.
Preview of the new "Webflow" section in the quality control checklist.

Starting today, Koalati will automatically detect if it your project is built on Webflow.

If it is, a whole new section of Webflow-specific improvements be added to your checklist. This will ensure you make the most out of the platform and ship the best websites possible, by using things like Webflow's brand new WebP conversion tool, or existing publication settings like code minification, and much more.

Enhancements to the regular checklist

But that's not all!

In addition to the new Webflow section, the rest of the checklist will also be updated to include Webflow-specific articles and resources!

This will help you complete tasks faster by providing references to Webflow University's detailed articles on a variety of subjects like canonical URLs, redirections, unused styles and animations clean-up, and much more!

We hope this makes the QA checklist even more valuable for developers, designers and agencies who use Webflow to build their websites.

Celebrate with savings! ✨

To celebrate Webflow's new WebP support and Koalati's improved support of Webflow, we're offering 30% off all Koalati subscription plans - just use coupon code WEBFLOW30 at checkout! This offer is available until August 14, 2022.


Webflow just launched WebP support and a great WebP conversion tool, and that inspired us.

Koalati's QA checklist now:

  • detects if your website is built with Webflow;
  • adds Webflow-specific steps to improve your website;
  • enhances the regular checklist with Webflow-specific resources to help you in the QA process.
We publish these website audits not to shame the teams behind the sites, but to educate creators on how to audit and improve the websites they build.
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