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Get started with our
hosting template

To host your own instance of Koalati, you'll need to know your way around a CLI and have some rudimentary Docker knowledge.

But worry not: we created a self-hosting template that makes the setup process short and simple. All you have to do is follow a few instructions and you'll be good to go!

How does it work?

Our platform is designed to be hosted through Docker.

We provide a self-hosting template with a ready-to-go Docker Compose configuration, as well as a configuration wizard that will guide you through the majority of the setup.

As simple as we try to make the setup, self-hosting still requires a basic understanding of the command-line, of Docker, and of networking.

If you have that, simply follow the instructions in our self-hosting template and you'll have an instance of Koalati running in no time!

Will I get the latest updates?

As we update and improve the platform, we release new stable versions on Docker Hub, so you're never far behind our managed service.

As long as you update your instance of Koalati every now and then, you'll get the same features and improvements that our subscribers are getting.

We'll post about all new features and releases on social media and our newsletter. You can also view our releases on GitHub.

A few more things...

Before you set up your own instance of Koalati, here are a few things you should know.


When self-hosting, you are responsible for the security of your users and of their data, as well as any other data managed and used by the system.


Koalati's codebase and hosted service is updated frequently.

You should periodically check to make sure your environment is up to date in order to benefit from the latest features, improvements and bug fixes.


If you run into issues with Koalati self-hosting, you can open a Pull Request on the relevant repository on GitHub and we'll do our best to assist you. 

As always, you can also reach out via email or social media as well.


The self-hosting template installs everything you need to run Koalati on the same server in order to get you started quickly.

This will be fine for most people. However, to get the best performance for large websites, the tools-service should run simultaneously on multiple servers.

We do not currently offer instructions on how to do that for self-hosting, but our codebases do support it without any special effort. If you need a bit of guidance, feel free to reach out and we'll see how we can help!