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About Koalati

Making the web more
ethical, sustainable and people-oriented.

Our missionHelping creators build a better web

To help progress the cause, one of Koalati’s goal is to build a platform that gives web creators the same level of tools and knowledges that large agencies and big businesses have access to.

With this at their disposal, creators of all sizes will have a much better chance at breaking through the noise and helping their own causes.

This is how we plan on building a better web: by helping others do the same.

Émile Perron
Founder of Koalati

Helping pave the way toA more ethical web

We also aim to help creators replace well known unethical or unsustainable products, services and companies from their workflow and from their own products.

We guide people towards a more ethical path by presenting the issues that less ethical products create and by suggesting other alternatives that are ethical, sustainable and people-oriented.