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Koalati API

Koalati offers a REST API to all active users, allowing you to integrate our powerful website testing features with your favorite tools and workflows!

Getting started with the API

The best way to get started is to take a look at our API's documentation.

It contains all of the information you need to get your authentication tokens and to start making calls to the API.

Self-hosting compatible

At Koalati, our goal is to make the web better for everyone.

This includes making cool new features like the Koalati API available to everyone, whether they're paying to use the platform or not.

It's in this spirit that we've developed our REST API to be available on self-hosted instances of Koalati.

All self-hosted instance of Koalati on version 1.1.0 and above have the REST API built-in, with no extra steps of effort necessary.