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Your clients have high expectations for their website.
Our platform ensures you ship high quality sites every time.

Preview of the Wordpress-specific checklist, with items like:
- A well-rounded security plugin is installed and activated.
- A code minification plugin is installed and activated.
- A caching plugin is installed and activated.
- File editing via the admin area is disabled.
- Wordpress database tables have a random or custom prefix.
... and more.Preview of a Wordpress-specific checklist item's details in Koalati.

Heading: File editing via the admin area is disabled.

Description: Wordpress offers a file editing interface in its admin area. This can be dangerous if your site is infiltrated by hackers, or even if used by an authorized person who simply doesn't know what they are doing. You can disable this feature by adding the following code in your wp-config.php file: code snippet.
Do your sites feel unwieldy?

Make your WordPress sites secure, easy to use and performant.

WordPress sites start small and quickly ramp up in size and complexity as you add plugins and integrations.

And with that size and complexity increase comes performance issues, security issues, SEO issues, ease-of-use issues... and no one wants that.

Luckily for you, there are solutions for all of those problems, and we can guide you through them!

Our QA checklist contains WordPress-specific steps and resources to make sure you ship high-quality sites every time.

Save time without cutting corners.

Scan your entire website for issues and improvements.

Koalati combines the power of industry renowned tools like Google's Lighthouse, LanguageTool, Puppeteer, and more to detect issues and potential optimizations on your entire website.

The result is a list of actionable recommendations, complete with explanations and references to the problematic elements in each of your pages.

On-site SEO, loading speed, accessibility, social preview optimization, spellchecking, JS error detection... it's all there. Every testing tool you need, in one place.

Screenshot of Koalati's recommendations section for a project, which contains a list of suggestions such as:
"Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio. (issue, 15 occurences)"
"Links do not have a discernible name (issue, 15 occurences)"
"Add an og: image meta tag to your page. (essential, 15 occurences)"
Screenshot of Koalati's checklist, displaying tasks grouped in categories such as

• Every page loads correctly and in a reasonable amount of time.
• The purpose of the website is immediately clear when opening the homepage.
• The website has a working favicon that matches the brand.
• The 404 (Not Found) error page matches your brand and contains link(s) to the website.

• The logo in the header links to the homepage.
• Every link in the navigation works as intended.
• Dropdown menus and mega menus work as intended.
• The menu button opens the navigation when it is clicked or tapped.
• The search feature provides appropriate results or suggestions. (if applicable)
• The search feature indicates clearly when no results are found. (if applicable)

... and more.Screenshot of a checklist task's details panel in Koalati, indicating:

The search feature provides appropriate results or suggestions. (if applicable)

If your website offers a search bar, make sure it works well.

Here are a few pointers that might help test your search bar:

• What types of content can appear in the search results? (pages, articles, events...)
• Is the body of my content searchable or only the title?
• Do special characters and capitalization affect the search results?
• Do spacing and punctuation affect the search results?

Followed by a collapsible section labeled "Here are some Koalati-curated resources to help", followed by links to relevant articles from the Nielsen Norman Group website.
Not sure what to test?

Our Wordpress pre-launch checklist guides you through every step.

With the right tools and guidance, any web developer or designer can test and improve a website.

Koalati's checklist guides you through every step of the process one by one, providing explanations, examples, tutorials and research-based user experience articles.

We make sure you not only understand how to fix the issues, but that you also understand why they are issues in the first place.

Based on years of agency experience with hundreds of client, our checklist is the #1 quality control resource for web agencies.

Your team is your best asset.

Built-in collaboration and real-time updates.

As your team works goes through the testing process, you can see everything they do in real-time on your screen.

Think Google Docs, but for your quality control checklist!

Plus, you can leave comments and bug reports, reply to others, mark threads and issues as resolved, all without having to leave the app!

No need to create issues and tickets in twelve different systems to get things done anymore: Koalati provides everything you need to test your website in one easy-to-use platform!

Screenshot of a checklist task's details in Koalati, in which there is a comment section with the following exchange: 

Émile Perron says:
"The 404 page is a generic error message from the server.
Could we do something fun but simple, like this? [image]"

Julie Descartes replies:
"Absolutely! I just built a new error page with our brand's colors. It should look much better!"

What do people think?

We may be biased, but they sure seem to like it.
Tweet from Amí Naeily (@aminaeily): I just signed up for @koalatiweb and it's so freaking great. If you care about making chefs 😘👌 websites, check out their free checklist at least.

Amí runs Peachweb, a web agency for entrepreneurs, and developed The Unicode Consortium's website (amongst other things).



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$150 / year
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QA checklist
automated testing
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6,000 page tests included
$0.00118056 / extra page test
no project members
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Small team

per month
$750 / year
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QA checklist
automated testing
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40,000 page tests included
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team creation
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per month
$2,000 / year
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QA checklist
automated testing
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150,000 page tests included
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