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Checklist filters have arrived!

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Since Comments have been introduced to Koalati's quality control checklist back in March, they have proved to be very useful to our agency users.

However, by talking with these users and using the checklist ourselves, we realized that allowing you to leave comments is not very useful if other people can't find them easily. So... we added filters!

Starting today, you can now filter the checklist with the following filters:

  • Unresolved issues;
  • Has comments;
  • Completed;
  • To do.

This allows you to easily find the tasks and comments you're looking for, improving collaboration and communication for both you and your team.

Animated GIF of Koalati's checklist showcasing the new Filters dropdown in the top right, which offers filters like Unresolved issues, Has comments, Complete and To do. When a filter is selected, the checklist is immediately updated to show only the desired tasks.

To make the process even more simple, we also added links in the project's summary section.

Clicking on the "X unresolved comments" will immediately bring you the checklist with the Unresolved Issues filter turned on.

Neat, isn't it?

If you have any feedback or suggestion for further improvements, let us know by filling the feedback form within the app, by reaching out via your favorite social platform, or simply via email at

That's it for today — have a great weekend folks!


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